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Member of Globeducate

Globeducate is one of the leading international K 12 education groups in the world. A network of 55+ premium bilingual and international schools as well as online programmes, educating 31,000 students in ten countries.

The Globeducate school creates opportunities to connect with students from our schools across the world to come together, in person or online, for sport, music, arts, academic challenges and to work with other to help build a more equal, fair and sustainable world.

A crucial part of providing an excellent education, Globeducate teachers inspire our students to find their voice in this world. They encourage them to understand world events and to think about their values and what is important to them, and to challenge ignorance and intolerance.

As a member of the Globeducate family, we believe that young people will only succeed in the world of tomorrow if they are prepared for the challenges they will face. The world is changing at an incredible pace, and education has to keep up with this constantly shifting environment. As educators, we have the opportunity and responsibility to lay the foundations for a better future.

As well as Educational Excellence, our core principles are Global PreparationExcellence in Co-Curricular subjects which help to form well-rounded individuals, and Education in Values – developing positive, compassionate and motivated young people.

Our mission is to prepare each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world.


The Globeducate Footprint

2030 Global Agenda

Our Globeducate Agenda underwrites the United Nations 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals and, through our key partnerships, our global project unites our students and teachers from around the world to partake in active discussions and to make an impact on the future, shaping the world.

The first international schools group to partner with WWF

Our schools are working with WWF on a number of projects with local teams as well as taking part in group-wide initiatives.

This unique partnership makes it possible to draw on the wealth of educational resources WWF have created, as well as opportunities for our teachers to take part in pilot projects in sustainability education. Our schools are leading the way in making sustainability education an intrinsic part of life in and beyond school.

Action-based learning: Globeducate and Eco Schools

Eco Schools

Eco-Schools is the world’s largest sustainable schools programme and is active in all the countries in which Globeducate has schools.

Our commitment is for each of our students to have a chance to play their part in every school becoming a certified Eco- School. The programme involves setting up a student-led Eco-Committee and conducting an environmental review, and working to engage the whole school community in positive change.

Globeducate Events

Our schools offer a wide range of extra-curricular activity programmes, exchange programmes and competitions, conferences and workshops designed to develop our students’ inherent skills and abilities in a positive, focused and exciting learning environment.

Our official Globeducate events bring students together from all Globeducate schools and include: Olympic Games, Model United Nations, Arts Competition, Music Festival, Football Tournament and Academic Olympics.

Globeducate Academic Olympics

Globeducate Music Festival

Summer Schools

Globeducate offers an exceptional collection of bespoke, inspiring holiday programmes which will allow each of our students to improve their language, confidence and skills in a friendly, fun and safe environment. The opportunity to experience life at one of our Globeducate schools will challenge and nurture children of all abilities.

Currently, Globeducate offers its students summer courses at Stonar School and ICS London in the UK, Agora Lledó International School in Spain and Hattemer in Paris, France. The programmes vary from language and activities to English Language Plus (Horse Riding, Football, Tennis, Multi-Sports, Art and Photography) and Blyth Academy offers the English Summer Abroad Programme with 24 academic courses in 25 different countries. Globeducate students are entitled to a unique discount on all summer programmes.

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