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Our National Section

The Portuguese National Section at Nobel Algarve British International School’s Lagoa campus accepts children of any nationality. The programme runs from Primary (1° Ano) through to the completion of Secondary School (12° Ano). All educators are Portuguese-trained and Portuguese is the language of instruction.

All teachers are fully qualified for teaching.

The Portuguese system is divided into three “cycles”, known as ciclos, and followed by secondary education:

Primeiro Ciclo (1°-4° Ano)

The first cycle is the first four years of Primary School from age six. The curriculum covers Portuguese, mathematics and environmental studies, as well as physical education, music and art, computer studies and English, which are taught by specialist teachers. Additional teachers are available to provide extra support for students with educational needs.

Segundo Ciclo (5°-6° Ano)

The second cycle is the fifth and sixth year. Core subjects include Portuguese, mathematics, English, Portuguese history and geography, science, music, art, design technology and physical education. Nobel Algarve also offers French in the fifth year and Spanish in the sixth year.

Terceiro Ciclo (7°-9° Ano)

The third cycle is the seventh, eighth and ninth years. The curriculum continues the core subjects begun in the second cycle, along with physics/chemistry, ICT and a required second language (French or Spanish).

Ensino Secundário (10°-12° Ano)

In Secondary School (Years 10, 11 and 12), students continue with the core curriculum and add a specialised area of study. Nobel Algarve British International School offers science and technology, social and economic sciences, visual arts or languages and humanities. In 12° ano, students can apply for higher education by taking the Portuguese national examinations.


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