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Importance of Energy Reduction - Present and Future

Importance of Energy Reduction - Present and Future

We're thrilled to announce the most recent developments in our school's endeavors to advocate for sustainable practices and minimize energy usage.

As part of an initiative supported by Globeducate and incorporated into the Eco Schools Program, we're dedicated to the Energy Conservation Initiative.

Energy saving awareness at Nobel Algarve British International School, Almancil is vital for fostering a sustainable mindset among students. By educating young minds about the importance of energy conservation, schools contribute to shaping environmentally responsible individuals who carry these practices into their homes and communities.

As a relatively new school, we aim to fully embrace an Eco Schools approach and the formation of our Student Council is the first step in developing sustainable strategies. Our Secondary Student Council (SSC) have already discussed implementing energy-efficient technologies and infrastructure, such as LED lighting and smart heating and cooling systems. This demonstrates how aware our young people are of the need to utilise technology in achieving energy efficiency. However, we also aim to educate students about simple yet effective energy-saving habits, like turning off lights and electronic devices when not in use, using natural lighting, and unplugging chargers to avoid vampire energy consumption.

Our youngest children are regularly reminded of their responsibilities for preserving water, electricity and flora and fauna through our Forest schools programme and Gardening clubs. The development of The Journey at Nobel Algarve Almancil will also grow a practical appreciation for the outdoors and our natural environment amongst students of all ages.

By combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, energy saving awareness in schools becomes a powerful tool in cultivating a generation of global citizens who understand the importance of preserving resources for a sustainable future.

In light of the ongoing challenges we face, we remain committed to addressing the repercussions of resource overconsumption. 

Thus, we propose 7 behavioural changes that will help reduce energy consumption at home and school:

  1. Take shorter showers and turn off the taps when not in use.
  2. Unplug appliances that are fully charged.
  3. Turn off the lights when no one is in a room.
  4. Wear clothing suitable for the weather to avoid the use of air conditioning devices.
  5. Switch electronic devices to energy-saving mode.
  6. Enjoy the evening socializing with family and friends.
  7. Spend the day outside, at the park, beach, or mountain.

written by Scott Pryde

Acting Head and Head of Secondary;