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Early Years at Almancil

Almancil campus provides a nurturing, active, and personalised learning experience for children aged three to four. We know that the best early education is vital to your child’s life chances, so we partner with families like yours to support children to gain this critical basis for future learning.

Learning takes place indoors and out. We use a project-based, hands-on approach, making schooling happy, exciting, and fun. We will guide your child to use their imagination to explore, learn and develop their understanding through play.

A highly trained teacher manages each class, supported by a full-time teaching assistant. They provide various materials, experiences, and structured activities to help children develop skills in all areas, including language, motor, and social development. 

With close personal care and attention, our students become independent, enthusiastic learners. We enable them to make connections between life in school, home, and the world, establishing a strong foundation for future learning.

We enable them to make connections between life in school

The Power of Play

Communication and play provide the foundation for children’s learning. They become more knowledgeable, confident, and creative as they engage in meaningful play and inquiry. “Little Explorers” works within a well-planned curriculum designed to enrich and expand children’s experiences, as well as support their growth and development. We encourage children to discover and be self-directed, confident learners.

We aim to prepare children to function well by supporting their social, physical, and emotional development. Our programme provides a wide range of opportunities for children to develop their communicative and cooperative skills and promote other essential skills, i.e., literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design.

A Smooth Start to School Life

Starting school is a huge milestone, and we work extra hard to ensure our new learners have a gentle transition to school life. Parents say they trust us as a ‘safe pair of hands,’ with experienced and caring Early Years staff making their child comfortable from day one.

Almancil is a small school that feels like an extension of a child’s family. Teachers connect daily with parents at pick up and drop off. Parents are a strong, supportive community of friends, and they, too, catch up daily in the car park.