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The Journey of Discovery

“The purpose of life is to live, to taste experience to the utmost, and to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.”  These are the words of First Lady of the United States of America Eleanor Roosevelt (1933 to 1945) – in other words, we grow and become our best selves when we take advantage of new adventures.

The Journey of Discovery for Year 10 students is a seven-day, 100km hike designed to take students on a journey from childhood to adulthood. It is a Nobel Algarve British International School ´rite of passage´ that will challenge and entertain, and that will probably cause a few surprises. It is not unusual for some of the most reluctant trekkers to be the ones who come home full of enthusiasm for a newfound interest.

The route

The journey starts at the Lagoa Campus, where the group stays overnight and learns basic camp craft, they set off for Silves early the next morning. The route takes them to the top of the Monchique hills and back down for a triumphant return to the Lagoa Campus.

The benefits 

Along the way, the students (and teachers!) will be challenged both physically and mentally and be allowed to reflect on their lives so far, and then to look forward to what kind of a future they wish for. They will gain skills and make or deepen friendships along the way.

Parents in the past have been amazed by the changes in their children and by the increased levels of maturity and drive after the trip.

It has the power to be a truly unique and transformative journey.