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Beyond the Classroom

At Lagoa, we complement your child’s academic progress and personal development after lessons in various ways, providing the richest possible experience for them.

By providing an enviable range of opportunities within an exceptional campus environment, your child can personalise their experience, discover what success means for them and excel in their newfound brilliance.
All activities are carefully planned to allow students to explore and discover the wider world while they make amazing memories with friends.

  • Extracurricular activities enable students to pursue their own interests and explore new areas of inquiry, from the arts to science and engineering.
  • Organised sports and athletic programmes build strong bodies, promote teamwork and leadership skills, strengthen friendships, and support camaraderie.
  • Field trips and excursions take students from their daily routine to experience nature, discover new perspectives, and appreciate different cultures and traditions.
  • The campus environment supports exploration and underscores our World Topic through art installations, community projects, and student exhibitions.

Outdoor Learning - The Journey

At Nobel Algarve, education is much more than just academic results.

We believe in enabling every child to develop resilience, compassion and independence alongside a lifelong love of learning. Our Outdoor and Adventure learning programme is designed to encourage students to look at things differently. In a world increasingly saturated with technology, our students are given the opportunity to learn in and from Nature.

The Journey” is our comprehensive outdoor learning program, spanning nursery to Year 13, developed by the Globeducate Education Department. Anchored by four pillars - Identity, Adventure, Nature, and Community - it’s integrated across the curriculum. This unique experience builds character, knowledge, skills, competencies, and global perspectives, offering all students a transformative opportunity to connect with nature and develop holistically.



The Duke of Edinburgh


 The Duke of Edinburgh International Award, available from Year 9 onwards, is a prestigious achievement culminating in Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards through successive school years.

This internationally recognized qualification, highly regarded by employers and universities, enhances students’ skills and experiences. Participants engage in physical recreation, skills development, and volunteering services. 

They also embark on expeditions in mountainous environments, fostering teamwork, resilience, and outdoor proficiency. The program not only cultivates personal growth and achievement but also prepares students for future challenges, offering valuable experiences and qualifications for life beyond academia.



The Route

The journey starts at our campus, where the group stays overnight and learns basic camp craft. They set off for Silves early the next morning, and the route takes them to the top of the Monchique hills and back down for a triumphant return!

The Benefits

Along the way, the students (and teachers!) will be physically and mentally challenged and able to reflect on their lives so far, and then look forward to what kind of a future they wish for. They will gain skills and make or deepen friendships along the way. Parents have been amazed by the changes in their children and the increased levels of maturity and drive after the trip.
It has the power to be a truly unique and transformative journey.

VivaHUB - After School

Lagoa offers an annual extracurricular programme, VivaHUB, designed to empower our students to discover their passion.
We know that life can get busy and VivaHUB provides that additional care that can assist parents when managing their work-home balance.

VivaHUB is a wonderful opportunity for our children to find new hobbies and interests. The programme will open them up to new experiences, or hone their skills in an area they already have a passion for.

explore our vivahub programme


Students also enjoy a rich variety of tips, and recent adventures have included visiting NASA, the Hadron Collider at Cern, skiing in Austria, Duke of Edinburgh treks, and camps.

Community Work

Our students often drive the causes we support through our House system, supporting charities within the school as well as our wider community.

Globeduate Events

As a Globeducate school, we offer our students fantastic international experiences and exchanges with other member schools. The group organises a number of annual events with participating schools joining from around the world.

These include:

  • Model United Nations
  • Visual Arts Competition
  • Music Festival
  • Globeducate Olympics
  • Leadership Summit
  • Academic Olympiad